domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2007

semana de finales





Stage 1: Denial

“All I need to do is review my notes”

“I can read 4,657

pages tonight!”

Stage 2: Anger

“Why didn’t I take better (any) notes???”

“How can it take 20 minute to read 3 pages?!?.”

Stage 3: Bargaining

“My soul for a B!”

Stage 4: Depression

“I’ll never get an internship.”

Stage 5: Acceptance

“I can live with a 2.9.”

“In Curve we trust.”

Coffee, OJ & Fruit


Stop by for a beverage or health snack!



8:00am to 11:00am

Remember the marketing final? Exactly! These are just as fun!

Assigned Rooms

Survival Bags

11:00am to Noon


We’ll have bags and goodies to fill them with – lots of good things to help you through the week!

Possible Bag Stuffers:

* Candy

* Gum

* Pens

* Pencils

* Hugs

* Water Bottles

* Granola Bars

* Boo Bites

* Chips



Lotta Piñata!

11:00am to Noon

North Lawn

Salsa & chips + a really big piñata to take your aggression out on.

Yes, there will be a big stick and blindfold. (And hopefully, someone whacking away blindly, nowhere near the target.)

Movie Time

11:00am to 1:30pm

Student Lounge

Free hot dogs and popcorn outside the lounge.

At 11:45, we’ll screen ‘Old School’ in the student lounge.

.Beer Part I

11:00am to Noon

North Lawn

Celebrate freedom with beer, wine, and unstressed classmates.

.Beer Part II

Noon to Whenever

Brew Co.

At Noon, we’ll walk and/or stagger down to Westwood and take over Brew Co. for the afternoon.

Please Do Not Drink & Drive – thanks! Please use public restrooms.

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